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Tax Problems Resolution

Owing the Government can ruin your life - let us help you resolve the issue so you can get back to living

What can you do if you owe taxes?

  • You could file an Offer-in-Compromise to ask the IRS to take less that the total owed. 

  • You could ask the IRS to let you pay the debt in installment payments.

  • You could ask the IRS to change your account status to 'Uncollectable' because of your situation.

What you cannot do is ignore them:

  • They will levy your bank accounts, IRA accounts, and any other liquid assets that you may own.

  • They will levy your wages from your employer.

  • They can foreclose on your home if you have any equity built up.

How do we help clients clean up their IRS problems?

  1. We help them get compliant with their current year taxes. The IRS will not make a deal if the hole is getting deeper.

  2. We do an analysis of the client's financial situation and develop a strategy using the same formulas that the IRS Collections Division will use in their decisions on whether or not to accept a deal.

  3. We represent the clients so that they don't have to come into direct contact with IRS personnel. This avoids the problem of a taxpayer saying the wrong thing that might lead the IRS to conclude that they are lying - a criminal offense.


Who should contact us for help?

  • Taxpayers who owe the government money.

  • Business owners who are behind in their payroll taxes.

  • Taxpayers who have received an audit notice.

  • Non-filers who want to get straight with the IRS.​

You don't have to go this alone. Having a knowledgeable professional to represent you can go a long way to getting the best deal possible while minimizing some of the stress. (If your not feeling stressed about this kind of situation, then you have made a mistake in judgement.)

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