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When you hire a Pro to Represent You?

Professionals bring a few things to the table that are invaluable:


First, there is strategy. There are multiple ways of dealing with the government, but which one is the best for your situation?

Second, and perhaps most importantly there is avoiding changing a civil action into a criminal action. Lying to the government is a criminal offense. The best way to avoid saying anything that might later be misconstrued as lying is to never talk to them at all. Let a professional represent you instead. I have an easy time saying to a Revenue Officer or Agent "I don't know the answer to that. Let me get back to you later on it!." 

Do you need to hire a professional for every problem?

No, if you can qualify for an automatic payment plan that does not require the detailed reporting of your financial situation, then go online and signup.  Since you are not talking to a Revenue Officer directly, it's hard to get into a situation that you might regret. Make sure that you can live with the monthly amount that you are agreeing to because like all lenders, the IRS will not look fondly at you if you default.

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