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 Profitability Coaching by Subscription

Building a well-run business requires a business owner to wear a lot of hats. Typically, most small businesses have only a single owner as the sole member of the management team. This subscription service is designed to fix that problem by providing an on demand access to advice and technical information on a variety of subjects at a minimal monthly cost of $77.

Who should consider Coaching?
  • This program was specifically designed for the business owner with problems:

  • The problem of low profits and looking for ideas and help with producing changes.

  • The problem of not knowing if profitability is too low.  Companies going through periods of growth must expand their capacity. Developing this excess will show up on the financial statements as ever increasing overhead obscuring the true level of profitability. Maybe the situation will fix itself once sales levels off or maybe the growth is hiding an oncoming disaster due to low profitability. 

  • The problem with designing business processes that fit the business plan and owner's long-term goals.

  • The problem of dealing with tax law and taxing authorities.

  • The problem of defining goals and setting priorities.

How it Works

Only 2 slots for this service left. Call Jim at (352) 317-5692 to discuss whether or not this is the service is right for you.

This is an On-Demand Service which means that subscribers initiate the discussions by calling or emailing me, Jim Payne. If I am not immediately available, simply leave a message and I will get back to you at my first opportunity, usually within a few hours.

What is discussed is up to the subscriber. My expertise include profitability, pricing, tax law, and software development. I use my expertise to help clients by acting as a sounding board, answering technical questions, and providing ideas on how to solve the various business problems. If a problem is outside of my bailiwick, I do know many local experts who can help.

There is no limit as to number of calls or how long they take. This subscription service is limited to proving advice based on Consultant’s knowledge and experience. Should you want more than advice, such as research, analysis, written reports, or formal business planning, I will be happy to quote an additional fee to provide that service.


Skills that I Bring to the Table
  • CPA with decades of experience working with small business accounting and tax problems.

  • Software project management experience.

  • Product Pricing Expertise - Optimizing the price for your products is the number one lever available for most business owners to improve their profitability.

  • Business Process Management - The reason why your business costs what it does to operate. 

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