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About Backoffice²

We Are Your Back-Office Champion

At Backoffice², we are dedicated to helping businesses that want to grow. We spent 15 years in the trenches building our own CPA firm and we understand first-hand how difficult it is to stay focused on profits, efficiency and healthy growth. It's incredible how many distractions quickly interrupt the best intentions to run a profitable business. We aim to change that.

No longer satisfied with being tax accountants, we sold our CPA firm and decided to use our financial acumen (and Jim's passion for software development) to help other high-energized, highly-focused growing businesses level up their game. It's incredibly soul satisfying to help growing businesses experience an even sweeter success and truly thrive.

We began serving a small list of select clients with our contracted accounting services approach, as well as business management consulting and business process improvement. The more we helped our clients, the more excited they (and we) became at their abilities to run their businesses while we ran their back offices. Voila! Backoffice², Gainesville Florida's first custom accounting services firm came to fruition.

We Believe In You And Your Ambition

At Backoffice², we're dedicated to helping our client's succeed at developing a better life for themselves by becoming more profitable. Profitability provides you with options. The option to expand, add new products, and design your business to be what you want it to be.  

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