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Price Consulting

Backoffice²  Power Pricing Services

Backoffice² can help by developing customized price discrimination strategies:

  • Businesses of all sizes have difficulty establishing effective prices for their products and services that will benefit the company while keeping customers satisfied.

  • Signs that your prices may need to be adjusted include frequent customer complaints about prices, tight profit margins, finding yourself wondering how to price your products, and regardless of your work ethic, an inability to make money.

  • If any of these sound familiar, consult an outside source that can help you maximize your profits.

Price Consulting
Create Effective Pricing Plans

Backoffice² can assist your company by analyzing your business model, recognizing current price points and noting areas for improvement that will lead to greater profits. Often companies are put in difficult positions when customers are not paying in full or on time. In these scenarios, Backoffice² can help by creating payment programs that will encourage clients to settle their accounts quicker. We will also use price psychology to make prices seem appealing and lower than they actually are.

Pricing Strategy Session
Pricing Systems

Our strategy sessions tend to last several hours and are aimed at helping you fully understand what your profits are now and what they have the potential to be. We will start off with an initial assessment that will inform you of the important numbers in the current status of your company. The next step will be a profitability analysis, which will help you identify how much money your business could potentially be making. Then we will provide you with several strategic pricing options that you can put into action to begin seeing results. At the end of this meeting, our Gainesville financial management team will summarize our findings and by this point you will have a clear idea of where your company currently stands.

Once a strategy has been developed, the hard work starts - turning that strategy into action. We work with you to identify all the factors that make your product unique. We then build pricing models to value those features using formulas. Finally, we work with you on how to present and use pricing psychology to make those prices seem small.

Strategic Pricing Bundles

When you decide to collaborate with Backoffice², we will offer you the choice between three different packages depending on your needs.

  • The premier package is pricing systemization which includes developing Cloud Based software to calculate your prices and present those prices using what we have learned about pricing psychology.

  • The second is price modeling which substitutes the Cloud software approach with one using spreadsheets.   

  • The third is a price strategy assessment, which is ideal if you are on a tight budget. With this bundle, Backoffice² will advise you on the basics of creating a pricing strategy and help point your business in the right direction. This chart presents a more in-depth look at the differences between the three different packages we provide.

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