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Software Development

Backoffice²  Cloud Software Services
Want to make sure none of your customer contracts falls through the cracks?

Maybe the best method for accomplishing that is an online listing of contracts and their status. Statuses can be whatever fits your business 

Processes are important to business success and the primary driver of processes can be sofware assuming that it can be made to fit how you want your business to operate. 

Unlike most accounting firms, we write our own software and modify it constantly to fit our client's needs.

Software Development
Is a customized approach to software expensive?

It certainly can be, but does not necessarily have to be.  Let's say you simply want to change how you define what it means for a customer's contract to be considered 'complete'.  This could be a simple modification of the software that we are already using to add a checkbox or make a date input field. This kind of change is easy and can be included in your basic accounting fee.

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