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More on how to make your price seem smaller

Anchoring is the most powerful method available to make your price seem small. (See previous post on how to make your price seem smaller). There are also other things you can do to present your price so that the number appears to be smaller. There is some research behind these techniques so it’s worth giving them a try:

  • Don’t use the $ sign.

  • Don’t use .00 if cents are not part of the price.

  • Don’t use the comma if the price is four digits.

  • Present the price in the middle of the page

  • Whenever possible quote per day or per week rather than a bigger annual fee.

  • Don’t present your price until you have established at least some of the value points.

  • Make the price 9.99 or 9.97 rather than 10.00. I know, it seems ridiculous. But, we are talking about psychology here, not logic.

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