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You need a backoffice to get things done. You could hire, train, equip and supervise a bunch of accountants and bookkeepers --- Or, you could hire a Virtual Accounting Office to do all the things that an in-house accounting department would normally do except to make the coffee.


Only need a part-time accounting office? Not a problem.

Get a Virtual Accounting Office that Fits Your Business.

Definition: A virtual office is a business location that exists only in cyberspace. A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.

A virtual accounting office easily adjusts to the size of your business.  It eliminates the problem of what to do with a full-time accountant when you only need half of one.  Additionally, it gets you out of the business of hiring, equipping, training and supervising a bookkeeping staff. 

Stay completely in control of your business and your numbers with these benefits:

  1. 24/7 Access: With our Cloud Accounts, you have access to up-to-date financial information and reports from any device.

  2. Consistent Accuracy: Real time accounting means records are always up-to-date, giving you the power to make smart decisions.

  3. Business Support: Because we are able to access you data 24/7, you get a higher level of service. Instead of simply adding up numbers for you, we provide advice for running and growing your business.

  4. Easier Invoicing: Our fast and simple invoicing helps make your life easier. With capabilities for emailing invoices and attaching statements, you can better manage your sales and get paid faster.

  5. Instant Reports: Get instant reporting on your business with a touch of a button.

  6. Quick Cash Collections: Now you can embed payment methods into your invoicing, such as click and pay to drive quick debt collections. With this system, it's easy to get paid, reduce bad debts and limit slow payers, putting more cash in your bank account.

  7. Security: Sleep soundly knowing your data is secured and automatically backed-up.

  8. Maintenance Fees: Our servers rarely experience system downtime due to automatic installation of updates.

  9. Lower Professional Fees: We get more done with fewer people thanks to our automated accounting processes.

  10. Free Software: We produce much of our own software and provide it to our clients for free with our services.


Backoffice² was developed from a concept in 1999 to address a specific problem of small businesses that wish to become a larger business. The need for professional accounting services beyond monthly tax accounting.

We have been providing what today is called the "Virtual Office" since the late 90's when we used fax machines to aggregate and report daily sales numbers for a client.  Today, we do it with Cloud based software that is customized by us to meet the needs of our clients.


Profitability is what makes our client's lives better.  How to get there is the question.  Our answer is:

  1. Price your products right.  Getting just a few percentage points more on sales can improve profits by a third or more.

  2. Get those processes that define what makes you different to work superbly. These are the things that your customers truly value about your Company.  

  3. Make sure the rest of your processes are adequate. You can't beat Walmart at inventory control. But, ignoring inventory costs because you can't be the best is a sure recipe for low profitability. 

  • Virtual Accounting Department

  • Profitability Coaching

  • Price Consulting

  • Business Planning​

  • Customized Software

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