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At Backoffice2, we are familiar with the daily challenges businesses of all sizes face. Our goal is to streamline business processes so that you can realize a greater return on investment (ROI) with lower costs and higher profits. A single cost reduction can ripple through your business, improving efficiency in the workforce, reducing overhead costs, and most importantly, increasing your profits.

We offer our business process improvement services through consulting and / or software customized to each of our clients' needs. These services can be utilized apart from our accounting services, so there's no reason to delay. Contact us today and start growing your business.

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Better Processes Lead to Larger Profits

Business Process Improvement Consulting

As business problem solvers, we're ready to help grow your business and improve your profits. In order to do so, we need to learn more about your company and the issues you need addressed. We recommend setting up a face-to-face to discuss the issues and brainstorm solutions. We often help our clients over the phone, allowing our services to be available wherever you are — whether you are based out-of-state or have a busy traveling schedule. When needed, we also meet with your employees to gain inside feedback and suggestions to complement our traditional consulting methodology. Once we have the whole picture, we can carve out solutions.

Once our research and analysis of a business are complete, we create a plan of action and equip the business owner with everything needed to implement the plan. We're here when you have questions or when your strategy needs to be updated. If you're ready to begin improving your business, contact us today.

Customized Software

No business plan of action is complete without complementing, customized software. We tweak our software so you only get what you want and need, and we remove any excess bulk so our software is easy to use no matter what type of business you're in. But we don't stop there. As you use our highly customizable software, we continually adjust it to match your ever-changing business. This can also allow you to better implement business process improvements. But perhaps the greatest advantage of our Backoffice2 software is that we are able to make changes as often as needed, even on a daily basis, until it's perfect for your business.

Because our software is continually updated, tweaked and realigned with your business goals, it will never become outdated. We're confident that once you begin using our software, the days of downloading free trials will be over. You'll never again need to use multiple programs to access all of the features you need — we will continue to implement features for your business until you're satisfied.

With Backoffice2, you'll have access to:

  •  Business flexibility. The way in which your business operates makes your business unique. Our customized approach allows your business to operate the way you want instead of comforming to the way the software was designed.
  •  Improved efficiency. Customized software can reduce company bloat — you get only what you need and can avoid paying for features you don't want or wouldn't use.
  •  Lower training costs. Since the software is easier to use for your particular business, new employees can be up and operating in as little as 30 minutes.

Customized software for your business means that you are purchasing a unique system. Because of that, prices may be higher than free trials you can download online, but nothing can compare to software that was made specifically for your business. We don't pass around the same software for every business — even those in the same industry. Each business is inherently different, so if a certain part of our software isn't exactly what you want, we'll modify it. How many software developers will do that for each of its clients?

Because of the highly customizable nature of our software, clients may notice initial bugs. Testing is best conducted live with your real processes and employees so that we can mold the software to meet the demands of your business. But, we don't just put your bugs in a queue! We are available to fix any issues and modify the software until it's perfect for you. You won't have to wait for patch releases or broad updates — we update your software in a timely manner because we know without the proper tools, your business can't begin to improve.

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